Hi Guys,

I've been testing mod_perl-2.0.2 with Apache-2.2.0 and have found a
problem with the perlsection configuration for apache - which I'm very
reliant on (use it for developers, where it automagically configures the
server for the developer).

The problem is, that it does not like ExecCGI any longer:
$parms->add_config() has failed: Option ExecCGI not allowed here at
line 203

It is ofcourse the exact same config which works 100% with apache-2.0 -
and also works with apache-2.2, when I write it outside of perl sections.

I've searched the list, and it seems this is a known problem:

I would like to know if this patch (if it works) is going to be part of a
2.0.3 release?

Klavs Klavsen, GSEC - kl@vsen.dk - http://www.vsen.dk
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