Thanks both to Jonathan and Perrin,

> Jonathan

> That's probably just normal apache growth-- possibly nothing to do =A0

w/o mod_perl loaded the httpd process does not grow a bit even for 3000+=20

> i'd suggest using:... Devel::GC::Helper ...

Devel::LeakTrace shows a leak right after the return from my handler routin=
If I remove the `$r =3D shift` [and further $r usage], I does not show any=
in the log. I guess it goes deeper inside the Apache::* stuff.

The procedure I am following is:=20
1. use Devel::LeakTrace # inside the My:ummy module
2. make 2000 requests to the url
3. killall -HUP httpd (httpd started in single mode)
4. see the httpd error log

> Perrin
> That's all you have loaded?

yes, only this module. No DBI, nothing.

> This code does have a bug, which is the 200 at the end. ...

You're right, I was trying to get rid of any module use from within my modu=
even the Constants package.

> I don't use FreeBSD, but I would second Jonathan's advice about ...

(top output: SIZE/RES)
6276K 4652K # at startup
6312K 4676K # after first request
7624K 5992K # after 1000 requests
8984K 7356K # after 2000 requests

I've removed event the `$r =3D shift; $r->* stuff`.=20
The package now looks like:
package My:ummy;
use strict;
use warnings;

sub handler {
print < Content-type: text/html

return 0;
=2E. and the httpd.conf:
PerlModule My:ummy

SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler My:ummy
PerlSendHeader On



Assen Tchorbadjiev
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