> Andreas: Are you also running PostgreSQL as Jonathan and I are?

Yes, I am running the current 8.1.4 with current DBI 1.52 and DBD::Pg 1.49.

> Andreas & Jonathan: Are either of you running reiserfs? (Perhaps it is
> the filesystem causing this.)

The machine which crashes every 14 days because of lost memory runs reiserfs on a software IDE raid (just mirroring).
However, I'm quite sure that the problem also exists on ext3 file systems without any RAIDs.

Here is my configuration:
Linux 2.6.13-15 (SuSE 10.0 i586)
Apache 2.0.59
Postgresql 8.1.4
mod_perl 2.0.2
perl 5.8.8
DBI 1.52
DBD::Pg 1.49

I also run Embperl 2.2.0 and OpenSSL 0.9.8b.