On Thursday 28 September 2006 00:36, Sangameshwara Kudapali wrote:
> hello,
> I am accessing an webdav folder from windows which is mapped to the
> apache server directory example usr/local/../webdav. When i accessing the
> webfolder, all the folders under the webdav folder in linux are getting
> displayed in the windows.
> I am trying to restrict these folder access. Now i am using fixup handler
> (because this handler is working for me )for this restriction of folders.
> For examples if there are 3 folders A,B and C i should be able to restrict
> the response to only A, B folders and C should not be displayed.
> Can you guys give me some idea , how should i do this ?

I think you want to think about access control. You can do your access
control via an auth handler in mod_perl if you like, but I don't think a
fixup handler will do what you want.