I am using Apache 2.2 with mod_perl2. Reading the documentation I have
found that I should get POST data using read():

$r->read($buffer, $r->headers_in('content-length'))

A few questions - ok, some may really be related to the http protocol:

1) Is the headers_in case sensitive? (content-length ne Content-Length)?

2) Once in, any tricks or modules for parsing the data?

3) How about file-uploads, are these binary or base64?

4) How do I efficiently handle large posts (such as file uploads)?

I know I could bang my head against the keyboard and eventually get some
working code out, but it seems that these are quite general issues, so
some solution must exist.

Other question: modperlbook.org is down, is there a mirror or place I
can download it?

Thanks, Erik

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