Hi all,

Thanks for the advice, I shall research your suggestions!

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Sent: 27 September 2006 15:56
To: Frank Wiles
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Subject: Re: mod_perl using IPC::ShareLite

Frank Wiles wrote:
> 3. Use can also use a simple config file with something like
> Config::General. Your crons can update this data onto disk
> and your mod_perl apps can simply read it in as a config file,
> maybe using a short 5 minute cache to reduce disk reads.

This is what I would recommend. Update this file from the cron, read it
into global variables (so they will be persistent) in mod_perl once
every 5 minutes. (And note that this means every process will read them
every 5 minutes, not some kind of shared memory thing.)

Personally, I would use a database for this specific case, but I've used
this config file approach for data that I wanted to be easy to edit by hand.

- Perrin