Hi all,

A mod_perl question if I may!

I have a cron job that schedules the execution of a mod_perl script (wget
call). This script gathers various information about the linux system.
I need to store some of this information in an area accessible by a separate
mod_perl application.

Ideally I would not want to use a database at all, I would prefer to use
some "sort" of global variable - but am aware of the caching and copy on
write affects of mod_perl.

The mod_perl application will be receiving many requests a second, and will
need to change its behaviour based on this stored system information (which
will be updated by the cron job mod_perl script).

My research so far has led me to believe that IPC::ShareLite could be used
by the cron job script to set a few (very small) variables into a portion of
shared memory, that a separate mod_perl application could poll. Mod_perl
would not need to modify these variables, only read them.

Would using a library such as IPC::ShareLite be considered a fudge for this
type of action, is there some sort of global apache variable section that I
can modify with one application and read out from another?

Any thoughts appreciated!


Perl v 5.8.8
Apache 2.2.2
Mod_perl 2.0.2