David Scott wrote:
> Guys,
> I'm trying to build a bundled version of Apache 1 + mod_perl but am
> having a hell of a time building the Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie
> modules.
> I've built the shared object version of libapreq and that works fine
> (I've got my Apache 1.37 in a special source file and libapreq finds it
> fine). The problem is that when I come to build the Perl wrapper later,
> it tries to re-build the C library. This is bad, because there is no
> way to pass in the location of the Apache header files during the Perl
> build process, so the whole thing fails.
> According to the docs, if I have libapreq.so and the Perl build can find
> it, it will use that library rather than re-building it. So I say

What docs ?

> perl Makefile LIBS='-L/path/to/my/libapreq -lapreq'

I assume you mean
ls -l X/*

Personally, never tried, but if you point me at the docs your following, I'm willing to try it.
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