I'm trying to build a bundled version of Apache 1 + mod_perl but am
having a hell of a time building the Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie

I've built the shared object version of libapreq and that works fine
(I've got my Apache 1.37 in a special source file and libapreq finds it
fine). The problem is that when I come to build the Perl wrapper later,
it tries to re-build the C library. This is bad, because there is no
way to pass in the location of the Apache header files during the Perl
build process, so the whole thing fails.

According to the docs, if I have and the Perl build can find
it, it will use that library rather than re-building it. So I say

perl Makefile LIBS='-L/path/to/my/libapreq -lapreq'

When building the Perl module. Seems to me it should find libapreq.
But it wants to build the C library anyway. What am I doing wrong???

Thanks in advance.