Will Fould wrote:

> I thought that packages loaded from different locations, (but with the
> same name), would not conflict. Silly me.

This is because even though you've told apache to map a certain URL to a certain
script, there is only 1 running Perl interpreter. And since Perl only allows 1
file to occupy a certain namespace you get those conflicts.

> Is there a better way to do what I'm trying to do without running
> separate servers for each host?

The only way to have 2 different packages use the same package name is to have
separate Perls with different @INCS running. There's no way to do this under
Apache/mod_perl (that I'm aware of). So either run 2 different Apaches, or put
the modules into their own namespaces. Instead of "package Foo" do "package

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP