I need to introduce some new functionality to my webapp app, and I'm
not quite sure if i can do it in MP. Hoping someone here can offer a

essentially, I have a high traffic syndicated image server that is
currently serving from a vanilla apache instance.
right now, its not logging anything - but i need to change that.

i not need to log some basic request info ( comparable to what is in
the access log ) , along with the value of a certain cookie if it
exists- for later parsing ( faster than tossing into a db )

composing the info i need to log under mp is trivial

i'm a bit uneasy about actually logging to a file though-- it looks
like under a prefork model ( i need 2+ servers to handle this ), i'd
need to lock / open / write / close / unlock the log file per request

does anyone know of a facility that will let me just log
straightforward ?

if not, i can hack this together using a non-apache server pretty
quickly. i'd rather just limit my configuration files though