On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 1:51 pm, sajid khan wrote:
> I asked the below question in apache user group as well, but with no
> answers
> We have 2 location directives, one for all the requests (
> ...
) and one for specific url
. We declare some variables using PerlSetVar inside
> those and read from the perl scripts.
> In Apache 1.3 , I am able to read the variable(decl using PerlSetVar )
> inside , however in Apache 2.0, I am not able to
> read the variable. Has the Location directive usage changed in apache
> 2.0 ?, Any help is appreciated

What version of modperl and perl are you using, and what OS are you
using? IIRC the location directive usage has not changed. Are you
saying that in 2.0 PerlSetVar works properly for you in ,
but not ? If you could submit a snippet of your conf
that would help in resolving you issue.