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Has anyone else experienced this?

I would like to use NTLM authentication for a subversion repository -
when I use a web browser then all works fine (both firefox and IE work).
However, when I use the "svn" command I cannot authenticate correctly to
either check out or commit. I keep getting this in the error (debug
level 1):

[18832] AuthenNTLM: Start NTLM Authen handler pid = 18832, connection =
2858456 conn_http_hdr = TE, Keep-Alive main = cuser = remote_ip = remote_port = 13624 remote_host = <> version = 0.02
smbhandle =
[18832] AuthenNTLM: Object exists user = \
[18832] AuthenNTLM: Authorization Header Basic
[18832] AuthenNTLM: basic auth username = DOMAIN\duncs
[18832] AuthenNTLM: Connect to pdc = PDC1 bdc = BDC1 domain = DOMAIN
[18832] AuthenNTLM: enter lock
[18832] AuthenNTLM: verify handle duncs smbhandle == 4024368
[18832] AuthenNTLM: Verify user duncs via smb server
[18832] AuthenNTLM: leave lock
[Thu Sep 21 14:18:46 2006] [error] Wrong password/user (rc=3/1/327681):
DOMAIN\\duncs for /svn/test

I did notice when I used Firefox the message is consistently
AuthenNTLM: Authorization Header NTLM
and it ok - I take it this is due to the way the client request is sent?

What can I do to try and trace what is happening here? The config is
obviously OK since the browser works fine, which implies its the fault
of svn. Saying that though I have heard reports that Apache::AuthenNTLM
with mod_perl works ok, which to me suggests something in mod_perl2 or
Apache2::AuthenNTLM might have the issue rather than svn.

This is on solaris 2.6, 8 and 9 using Apache 2 (2.0.59), mod_perl 2 and
Apache2::AuthenNTLM 0.02.



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