Sure. Here's the bottom of httpd.conf. Nothing significant here.

#************************************************* ******************************
# Load Remaining Config Files
#************************************************* ******************************
Include conf.d/*.conf

Here's the vhost section of ssl.conf. Nothing here, either:

#************************************************* ******************************
# Virtual Hosts
#************************************************* ******************************
NameVirtualHost *:443

SSLEngine on
SSLCertificateFile /etc/pki/tls/certs/webscriber.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/pki/tls/private/webscriber.key
ErrorLog logs/ssl_error_log
TransferLog logs/ssl_access_log
LogLevel notice

SSLOptions +StdEnvVars

SSLOptions +StdEnvVars

SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" \
nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown \
downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0

CustomLog logs/ssl_request_log \
"%t %h %{SSL_PROTOCOL}x %{SSL_CIPHER}x \"%r\"


Here are the relevant portions of perl.conf:
LoadModule perl_module modules/
PerlWarn on
PerlTaintCheck on
PerlInitHandler Apache2::Reload

# Add timezone aliases to DateTime. *
PerlModule DateTime::TimeZone::Alias

DateTime::TimeZone::Alias->set( 'US/Arizona-Navajo' => 'US/Mountain' );

# Load debug options if debug turned on. *

use APR::Pool;
use Apache:B ();

PerlFixupHandler Apache:B

# Script Directory *
Alias /perl /var/www/perl

SetHandler perl-script
PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry
PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
Options +ExecCGI

# Perl Status Handler *

SetHandler perl-script
PerlResponseHandler Apache2::Status
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from all

#************************************************* ******************************
# Webscriber Handlers
#************************************************* ******************************


SetHandler perl-script
PerlHeaderParserhandler +Apache2::SessionMgr
PerlSetVar Apache2SessionMgr_IdleTimeout 300
PerlSetVar Apache2SessionMgr_ClassName WS::Session
PerlSetVar Apache2SessionMgr_ClassArgs 'DataSource =>
dbi:Pg:dbname=wscontrol, UserName => apache, Commit => 1'
PerlSetVar Apache2SessionMgr_TraceLevel notice

PerlAuthenHandler +WS::Handler::Authenticate
PerlSetVar WSHandlerAuthenticate_username ets
PerlSetVar WSHandlerAuthenticate_statement "SELECT password
FROM users WHERE sid = ?"
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Protected Area"
Require valid-user


You can see the PerlPassEnv SERVER_HOME above the header parser and
authentication handlers. Right now, I'm just testing the feature. Also, I
get an error if I put PerlPassEnv inside the tags. Practical
Mod_Perl says I can do this but the server won't start in this case.

Fred Moyer wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Sep 2006, stevethames wrote:
>> I tried PerlPassEnv and found no change. In fact, I can't verify
>> PerlPassEnv does anything at all. I'm using perl-script as my handler so
>> SetupEnv is turned on and I get all the environment variables in the
>> response phase.
>> In the header parser and authentication phases, I only get MOD_PERL,
>> MOD_PERL_API_VERSION, and PATH. PerlPassEnv does not appear to do
>> anything.
>> One wierd thing, though. In the authentication handler, I set the
>> variable
>> WS_ENTITY to a piece of $r->hostname. If I reboot the server, on the
>> first
>> request, this variable does not appear before the response phase.
>> However,
>> in subsequent requests to the server, WS_ENTITY is found in the earlier
>> phases but no other variables are, other than the Mod_Perl variables
>> listed
>> above. The wierd thing is, I set three other variables at the same time
>> as
>> WS_ENTTY but they don't show up--go figure.
>> BTW, I was testing PerlPassEnv with SERVER_HOME, not WS_ENTITY. I can
>> only
>> conclude that PerlPassEnv is buggy.
>> i have the same server running several virtual hosts and want to set the
>> database name for the host in the apache config and I need this value
>> available in the authentication handler.
>> Any other ideas?

> If you can post some relevant snippets from your conf file, shell env
> setup, and handler, we might be able to spot something that's causing the
> problem. If it really is a problem with PerlPassEnv I'd like to get it
> into a reproducible test case.
>> Fred Moyer wrote:
>>> stevethames wrote:
>>>> Can anyone tell me how to retrieve the environment variables set by the
>>>> Apache server in the PerlAuthenHandler or the PerlHeaderParserHandler?
>>>> Basically any handler that is called before the PerlResponseHandler.
>>>> I am using virtual hosts and want to set a variable for each one. This
>>>> variable is needed in the authentication handler. I can create a
>>>> database
>>>> and store values by the host name but setting them in the environment
>>>> would
>>>> be easier.
>>> It sounds like you are looking for PerlPassEnv

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