Thanks for the input.

I tried PerlPassEnv and found no change. In fact, I can't verify
PerlPassEnv does anything at all. I'm using perl-script as my handler so
SetupEnv is turned on and I get all the environment variables in the
response phase.

In the header parser and authentication phases, I only get MOD_PERL,
MOD_PERL_API_VERSION, and PATH. PerlPassEnv does not appear to do anything.

One wierd thing, though. In the authentication handler, I set the variable
WS_ENTITY to a piece of $r->hostname. If I reboot the server, on the first
request, this variable does not appear before the response phase. However,
in subsequent requests to the server, WS_ENTITY is found in the earlier
phases but no other variables are, other than the Mod_Perl variables listed
above. The wierd thing is, I set three other variables at the same time as
WS_ENTTY but they don't show up--go figure.

BTW, I was testing PerlPassEnv with SERVER_HOME, not WS_ENTITY. I can only
conclude that PerlPassEnv is buggy.

i have the same server running several virtual hosts and want to set the
database name for the host in the apache config and I need this value
available in the authentication handler.

Any other ideas?

Fred Moyer wrote:
> stevethames wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me how to retrieve the environment variables set by the
>> Apache server in the PerlAuthenHandler or the PerlHeaderParserHandler?
>> Basically any handler that is called before the PerlResponseHandler.
>> I am using virtual hosts and want to set a variable for each one. This
>> variable is needed in the authentication handler. I can create a
>> database
>> and store values by the host name but setting them in the environment
>> would
>> be easier.

> It sounds like you are looking for PerlPassEnv

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