On Wed, 6 Sep 2006 19:09:15 -0400
Jonathan Vanasco wrote:

> On Sep 6, 2006, at 6:41 PM, Frank Wiles wrote:
> > Is that 500MB that "vanished" in used, buffers, or cached? Just
> > because it isn't listed in "free" doesn't mean it isn't "free"
> > from a "Available memory I can use" standpoint. For example, your
> > system
> > will reclaim memory from cached and buffers when it runs out of
> > "free".

> off my original discovery, a few restarts of apache/pg and i started
> running into swap- like the original poster.
> i haven't been able to run memory down that low on purpose yet-- if
> you've got any clues into examining the cache/buffers , I'll gladly
> give it a go.

Well if you're running into swap then yeah, you've got a problem.
Sorry haven't been following this thread as closely as I probably
should have before commenting.

I'd suggest running just pg on the system for awhile and do some
stop/starts and see if you can force it to swap with just pg.
That'll remove apache/mp from the picture entirely as being a
possible source of the problem.

I'd also check to make sure you updated DBD::Pg recently as there
were a few memory leaks fixed not long ago and also to make sure it
has been compiled against the 8.1.3 libpq ( in case you did a pg
upgrade since DBD::Pg was built ).

If running with just pg doesn't force you to go into swap, if
possible try running your mp code without pg running. Again doing
the stop/starts to see if you can get into swap that way.

Frank Wiles