Hi all,

After some deep thought, here's whats going to happen:

svn trunk:
Apache-SizeLimit integration is going to be rolled back to
This tag is then going to be deleted.

I'll then start the Release process for 2.0.3 as the RM (assuming everything works, if not, I'll fix it)
and post -RC1 later TODAY.

2.0.3 will go through its cycle and be officially released.

will be created based on svn trunk (before, during, or after 2.0.3 -- doesn't matter to me)

We'll integrate completely Apache-SizeLimit and this branch will be merged to svn trunk and deleted.

Apache-SizeLimit 0.92 will be RM by me and released.

2.0.4 will go through its RM process (probably by me)

2.0.5 will pave the way for "new features" to be added to SVN trunk.

I'm hoping that both 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 will go out THIS MONTH and other product releases that this implies.

Note, This implies that Apache-Test will also see 1.29-RC1 (TODAY) with me as RM.
Subsequently 1.30 later this month (probably me as RM again).

Staying with that spirit (no test should fail in the latest release),
libapreq2 2.08 has failures without LWP, which have been fixed in SVN but not released.

So, I'll play RM for 2.09 and publish a -RC1 TODAY.
2.10 will will then play the part of new features and/or the httpd/mp2 code split of it and website redesign

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