On Sep 6, 2006, at 6:01 PM, Frank Wiles wrote:

> It didn't disappear, and it isn't "shared" like the type of sharing
> we talk about with mod_perl/Apache. It's not CoW sharing.

I know.

> The shared memory you're talking about here is held by the
> postmaster
> daemon and is used to store frequently requested data to be used by
> the forked children via SysV IPC.

Yes. I know that. pg_stop is the stopping of the postmaster daemon
-- not clients ( apache stop will kill the pids of the clients ).

> And yeah, PostgreSQL cleans up it's shared memory when it exits
> like
> it should.

No, its not. thats the point of my post.

On my system, shared memory that was allocated to postgres is not
being returned. postgres's exit releases the lock on memory-- ipcs
shows nothing allocated. but the kernel never gains any of that
shared mem. i only see about the size of the resident memory of the
postmaster instance and the clients returned.

I'm inclined to think this 'leak' is in postgres and not in Apache/MP/
DBI, because it happens to pg via the command line

the long running process where i found this behavior started off at
about 850mb of free memory. earlier today my machine was down to
241mb free- a stop/wait/start of apache brought me to 317 and a
restart of pg brought me to 321. thats about 500mb vanished.

then i remembered this post, started poking around , and saw memory
disappear and never made available in proportion to the pg vsize
( the clients themselves are nothing).