On Sep 6, 2006, at 2:02 PM, Perrin Harkins wrote:

> That probably means you are limited by the database, like everyone
> else.

right. i'm just wondering what the avg numbers for moderate logic
apps are.

> I like httperf for benchmarks.

its ok. it and ab haven't been updated in a while though.
have you seen tsung? its pretty nice, but more importantly- actively

one of my friends has been doing a lot of erlang lately, and set me
up on a dev box to profile once. ( elang is a pain to get running,
its got a steep learning curve still )

if you've got time to try setting it up, i recommend it.

there's also a python app that does benchmarks more as unit tests.
can't remember the name though.

> You can usually increase your performance greatly just by tuning your
> existing SQL and database. Run Apache:Prof or the DBI profiler,
> find
> out where the time is being spent, and work on it. There are many
> resources for database performance tuning. Work on the actual queries
> and schema structure, not on the database configuration. You
> always get
> more from the former than the latter.

already done. i 'explain' all statements as I write them, and tweak
SQL and indexes ( gotta love postgres's detailed explain )

> There ain't no such thing.


> Once you fix the obvious architecture things
> (by using mod_perl and running a reverse proxy), the performance of
> your

also done.