after talking with some people off list, I've got a question about
performance under mod perl, for actual applications

mp shows amazing performance marks with hello world, but few of us
need to serve 1100 'hello worlds'

personally, i'm seeing this:

processor: p4 2.4
os: freebsd 6
modperl: 2
apache mpm: pre-fork

with 2 children running, I'm handling ~70 r/s @ concurrency 10-1000
4-8 children seems to be my point for diminishing marginal utility-
in that range, I'm handling ~100 r/s @ concurrency 10-1000 ; and the
numbers don't really change no matter how many servers I toss at it.

granted, i'm also benching with ab, which is old and not very
reliable. ( i tried to use it, but tsung won't compile nicely on
any of my boxes. )

i'm fairly confident that a LARGE limiting factor is db interaction
and (b)locking. And i know that the bulk of the request timing is
taken up in the DB or the DB/App ineraction layer. I wouldn't be
surprised if I those numbers double , triple , and more with a nicely
clustered db structure.

some people I've spoken to have gotten much higher, others are
getting much lower- which makes me feel pretty good about my
performance tuning.

i'm just wondering what a target range for DB/Templated apps with
moderate page logic should be ( "hello world" < Moderate Logic <
"comprehensive statistical analysis" )