On Fri, 2006-08-25 at 18:56 +0200, Erland Nylend wrote:
> In short, a router sends a http POST to the webserver, expects a
> HTTP POST reply back, sends a new HTTP POST .. and so on, all on the
> same connection. This way soap-envelopes are transmitted between the
> peers.

HTTP has defined roles of client and server. You can't make HTTP
requests and respond to other HTTP requests on a single socket
connection, at least not without writing your own protocol which will
not really be HTTP.

Are you sure that they are really supposed to swap roles? Normally with
SOAP one client makes a POST request and the server responds with a
response body. The connection can be kept open with normal HTTP 1.1
mechanisms (all done for you by apache) but if you really need to have
the server make a request to the client you will need to use something
like LWP on a separate socket.

- Perrin