This conversation disturbs me at a level more fundamental than source
code or business requirements.

You write that you [are] "writting web application for mod_perl which
will be installed on client's server". That is to say that you are
using a product licensed as either GNU or Artistic. I am not an
attorney, but my understanding of the intent of these licenses is to
prevent people from doing just what you describe.

If you want to protect your work, develop in a proprietary language.
If you want to use the fruits of decades of open source enthusiasts
work, then open your source.

Christian Werner Sr.

On 8/23/06, Miha Lampret wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am writting web application for mod_perl which will be installed on
> client's server. Application is almost finished and now I am wondering
> which is the best way to protect source code.
> Already checked Module::Crypt but cound't get it to work. It doesn't
> create any output file. I came a cross with schroud+ perl obfuscator
> which looks ok, but I would like protect strings too. By strings I meen
> text that is hardcoded in source and it is printed to web application
> user. Do you have any experiences with other obfuscators or converters
> to XS code?
> Any information is welcome.
> Thank you,
> Miha

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