On 16 Aug 2006, at 15:23, Jesse Erlbaum wrote

> (Imagine a list of the users currently logged into the site

One could quite easily have this written out into a JSON file and read
in/displayed with JavaScript/AJAX (though the JS can be a pain to

> or a
> database query on the 5 products most relevant to the current page,
> for
> example.)

How often does this need to be updated? - can this not be part of the
CRM? Have you considered getting the CRM to write out TT code, which
you then parse with ttree (comes with Template Toolkit for offline
of templates) and generating a set of static pages off-line.

There's also Apache::Template which you would want to look at.

As you might guess I'm a big fan of doing as much off-line as possible.

> For any serious application dev, we'd probably reach for an MVC
> framework... CGI::Application/HTML::Template, for example.

Yea, I use Catalyst for small to medium size proejcts/admin systems,
then separate the front end code for larger projects (still using TT).

The other thing to consider is you can always use apache SSI:

and point to a backend CGI (cgi/mod_perl/php/foo) script to
return the relevant content.

Not sure if this is helping or making you more confused, but there
you go

Bottom line, I would personally suggest TT over any other templating
system, how you tie that in with your system is a matter of personal
taste/specific requirements and environment.