Hi Joel --=20

> It's a big and fairly powerful templates-on-steroids system. I have
> ideological objections to the mixing of code and HTML

You'll get no argument from me in the separation of code from HTML
department! I've not been active on the mod_perl list in the last year,
but do a search in the archive -- I'm pretty rabid about it.

This is a different situation. I'm not looking for a templating system.
I'm looking for a system which embeds Perl code in HTML -- a server page
system. If you want to think about it as I do, think "better
server-side includes". I have another automatic system which is going
to write out pages containing this code from templates, so there is no
human who is going to ever edit these pages.

> Er. Are you sure? Most people who want to get stuff done use Catalyst
> for the framework side, and TT for the View component.=20
> Recently, anyway.

I use CGI::Application and HTML::Template, but I'm biased. ;-)

The need in this case is not for serious applications. This is "better
SSI" for predominantly static web sites.

> Again, not to be awfully fanboyish, but I would hesitate to=20
> use H::T in
> a new site. Sure, it's fast, but so is TT once you take the=20
> compilation
> hit. CGI::Application is fast, too, but you end up writing a lot more
> code than you do with a framework like Catalyst.=20

We're going to disagree on these points, but that's grist for another

> what is the intended platform for
> your app? Does it have to run as a CGI, rather than via mod_perl or

This would be a mod_perl server.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking for a "better SSI", and I
was actually leaning towards PHP -- mostly because PHP is popular I have
ample access to PHP coders (while all my Perl coders are up to their
eyeballs with work). When I said that in the office, one of my
programmers clarified how much he hated PHP, so I thought I'd take a
second look at Perl *SP systems. Plus, why not leverage our software



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