On Aug 15, 2006, at 3:43 PM, Perrin Harkins wrote:

> Linux::Smaps, if you're on Linux.

f*&(. FreeBSD.
i'll dig up a debian box.

>> My children are pegged at 6-13MB of private memory, on top of
>> 80mb ?!? of parent memory

> That doesn't sound very big to me.


I was under impression that with proper memory management, you could
have MP servers down to around 3-6 MBs (at least the modperlbook and
docs suggest that )

I tried doing some dumbed down servers/handlers where the only thing
involved was the Apache2/APR libraries-- on first hit the children's
memory spiked to 6mb each.

> Lots of things won't be shared. Just reading a variable can
> unshare the
> RAM page it's stored in. It should not be growing on every hit
> though.
> If you run one process and hit it with ab doing the same request over
> and over and it keeps growing, you have a code problem.

i thought unshare on read should only happen if you're accessing a
string as a number of vice versa. I'll see whats going on once I've
got the Debian box up. The 12MB just seems too big.

I have a slight grow , about 10k per request. I need to track that
down. I think that should be normal, and I've got max-requests set
to 1000 so it never gets out of hand.

I'm glad you don't think thats a big size though. It was a lot
larger than I was expecting.