I'm finding some issues with the 2 modules

i think some of it happens when you have a module that has no
subroutines ( ie , a namespace placeholder or something )

check out ~ line 551 in Apache2::Status

adding a few over-the-top checks seems to help, and gets memory use
working on more items

} (sort { $subs->{$b}->{size} <=> $subs->{$a}->{size} } keys %

+ return if ! scalar @keys;
+ return if ! defined $subs->{$keys[0]};
+ return if ! defined $subs->{$keys[0]}->{count};
+ return if ! defined $subs->{$keys[0]}->{size};

my $clen = length $subs->{$keys[0]}->{count};
my $slen = length $subs->{$keys[0]}->{size};

i'll have more fixes as time progresses