I'm running a webapp on some FreeBSD6 boxes , and dev on a few OSX

The httpd.conf files themselves may be slightly different , but they
all use prefork and the same 'include' file which
runs a startup.PL which does "use xxx()" , precompiles templates,
and connects to the DB for some data
vhosts the webapp on

On my osx boxes, i'm seeing a parent process with 30mb of shared/
resident memory, and child processes of 30mb shared memory that spike
from 300k to 20mb after a few hits

On my freebsd boxes though, I'm seeing a parent process of 51mb of
shared/resident memory, and child processes with 51mb of shared + 51
mb of resident memory each. it appears that nothing is being shared.

does anyone have a clue on what to look for to ameliorate this?