Hmm, that seems to make sense, except for that the handler method of the
code sample I provided is the first piece of code that gets run and is
the first handler in the handler stack. Also, it doesn't happen on
every POST, just on some posts, which is odd ...


On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 10:14 -0700, Mon-Chaio Lo wrote:
> What we're finding is that the request will fail at the
> $request->param() line. It doesn't seem to die, given that we don't
> get a 500 back, but if we put Log4perl warnings before and after that
> line we see that it doesn't progress past that line.

That usually means you are trying to read POST data that has already
been read. Maybe you already called Apache::Request elsewhere? You can
usually use the instance() method to deal with this, or stash the data
in pnotes().

- Perrin