Hi all,

after searching for a comfortable mass virtual hosting solution
without using Apache-Vhosts I had to choose between modrewrite or
modperl. So modperl seemed to be much more flexible than mr, despite
that I found a nice article by David Coulson -

I used this little guide as a howto to get my vhost-solution running.
But I also realised quickly that mp2 is a lot more different and the
code wasn't useable, so I strated reading the mp2 docs and trying
around how to make it run under mp2 but unfortunately I wasn't very

My primary goal is it to modify the requested url directory depending
on the requested host.

I was able to determine the host and requested uri but I'm seriously
stuck at how to output the new file.

I couldn't find anything about the behaviour difference between mp1 &
mp2, but as the guide states I should use

It doesn't make any difference which mime-type I use (php, htm, txt)
there's no output at all and the page stays blank.

I'm sure mp2 handles it somehow differently but as I mentioned above,
I'm a bloody newbie and maybe it's just too simple.

Thanks in advance!

Mathias Kowalkowski