> Author: pgollucci
> Date: Mon Aug 7 20:49:23 2006
> New Revision: 429556
> URL:
> Log:
> o Round out the set_check_interval() testing.
> o Add tests to see that we *actually* kill the httpd child.
> Thanks to Torsten Foertsch
> for the Apache-Test code to check the error_log file.
> Requires Apache::Test 1.29+

I realize this is "devish" but I wanted the larger audience for testing.

I'd appreciate a sanity check from other members of our community. If it looks good, I think we can
roll 0.92-RC1 and then 0.92 RELEASE and save the mp1/mp2 split for 0.93.

If everyone's busy, I'll RM for it(or is Dave R. designated ?)

Also, while we're at it, some feed back on the Apache-SizeLimit integration into the mp 1.x series would be great.
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