Today I'm:
migrating some code from dev to production
porting some personal modules to CPAN

I've run into an issue where I make heavy use of things like
DEBUG >=3 && errorLogger('string')

the issue being that I've got so much debug stuff going on, that I've
tied it to constants so mod_perl won't compile it on startup when
internal debugging is off.

That being said, its come to the point where I'm abstracting things
out of my framework sufficiently enough, that I'm going to need to
set the initial constant off a variable , so i can freeze my modules
( envelope? httpd.conf ?)

does anyone have any pointers for this? I *think* that if i do all
the sets in a BEGIN block it should work the way I expect. i have
fears that running under Apache2::Reload , i'm going to run into issues