Vladimir S. Tikhonjuk wrote:
> Hi all
> I get the next error, when I'm trying to use AuthCookie:
> failed to resolve handler Promtelecom::Authentication

You're going to have to give more context to that for us to help.

> I put Promtelecom/Authentication.pm into /usr/local/lib/site_perl, which
> is in my @INC path list.

You shouldn't put stuff in the "system perl" @INC. make your own directory and it to
the @INC path.

> Here is my httpd.conf:
> PerlModule Promtelecom::Authentication
> PerlSetVar WhatEverLoginScript /promtelecomindex.html
> PerlSetVar WhatEverSatisfy Any
> PerlSetVar WhatEverCache 1
> PerlSetVar WhatEverExpires +2h
> AuthType Promtelecom::Authentication
> AuthName "Promtelecom Database"
> PerlAuthenHandler Promtelecom::Authentication->authenticate
> PerlAuthzHandler Promtelecom::Authentication->authorize
> require valid-user

> AuthType Promtelecom::Authentication
> AuthName WhatEver
> SetHandler perl-script
> PerlResponseHandler Promtelecom::Authentication->login

Nothing jumped out at me.
Do you have another spot where you inadvertantely have just
Perl*Handler Promtelecom::Authentication

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