On 31/07/2006, at 23:15, Michael Peters wrote:
> Are you saying that /xyz does exist in your document root? I've
> found that
> Apache won't work if you mix a virtual directory, real directory
> and path_info.
> This is because PATH_INFO is what ever is left over after url =>
> file name
> mapping. If there's no real file, then apache removes the
> value, else
> it removes the part that is a real file/directory.
> If you want a virtual directory, make sure that there are no real
> directories of
> the same name.

Sounds like I am experiencing this problem. Another way of explaining
this is using ScriptAlias - if I was using standard CGI I could do

ScriptAlias /xyz/abc /usr/lib/cgi-bin/test-fm.pl

And now it will work perfectly. It does not matter if directories
exist or not.

e.g. http://www.myhost.com/xyz/abc/qqq/123

Now has PATH_INFO set to "/qqq/123". You can create in DocumentRoot
"xyz" and even "xyz/abc" and even "xyz/abc/qqq" and it still sets
PATH_INFO to "/qqq/123"

However this is not the case using "" which does make sense

So another way of putting my question is - how do I use a Perl Module
instead of a ScriptAlias (CGI Script) and get the same results from


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