Thanks for your reply; it is the only one so far. I will give 3.0006_1 a
try, but I'm not hopeful, as I think we probably are dealing with a mod_perl
bug. I am using 3.0006, but as I stated it has been patched for multiple
result set (procedure) support, and it is calling procedures successfully in
both straight Perl command line use and via fcgid.

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Subject: RE: Can't use mysql stored procedures under mod_perl (although they
work directly from Perl)

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> 1. Problem Description:
> I'm trying to use stored procedures in a mysql database from within a perl
> script.
> A simple test script runs fine from a command-line perl interpreter, and
> runs fine
> when invoked via CGI.
> The same script always fails when run under mod_perl, receiving:
> ERROR: 1312 'PROCEDURE ceres_bt.create_inventory_lot can't return a result
> set in the given context'

Has someone replied to this? If so, sorry for this double post. If not: this
is not a mod_perl bug. It is caused by an imcompatibility between DBD::MySQL
(production branch) and new features in MySQL, see,...3934#msg-63934. As you can see
from, support for
resultsets from procedures is available through the development version