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I'm trying to transform a not-really-HTTP request (first line containing
method differs) to HTTP using PerlTransHandler, like this:

sub Trans::handler {
my ($r) =3D @_;
my $method =3D $r->method;
if ($r->method eq 'FOO') {
return Apache2::Const::OK;
return Apache2::Const:ECLINED;

So, if client sends "FOO blah whatever", I would like it to be changed
to "POST / HTTP/1.1".

But... this doesn't quite work. $r->protocol for these requests
contains "HTTP/0.9". The difference is: HTTP headers are neither
printed nor generated ($r->headers_out is empty).

Can I force HTTP/1.1 in PerlTransHandler somehow?
If not, can I force headers to be generated (without doing that manually)?
I've tried Apache2::SubRequest, but succeeded only with segfaults (after

My response handler:

sub Resp::handler {
my ($r) =3D @_;
warn $r->protocol;
return Apache2::Const::OK;


SetHandler modperl
PerlTransHandler Trans
PerlResponseHandler Resp

I know I could get it done using filters, but writing them is a pain...

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