Scott Penrose wrote:
> Hey ho
> I have a simple configuration:
> PerlModule Test::FH
> SetHandler perl-script
> PerlResponseHandler Test::FH

> Now I go to the URL
> Inside my code I want to get "/ggg/123" so I try
> print "Request: " . $r->path_info . "\n";
> This returns "/abc/ggg/123"
> Now it always drops the top level "/xyz" - assumably because it is
> effectively a file in the root directory.

Are you saying that /xyz does exist in your document root? I've found that
Apache won't work if you mix a virtual directory, real directory and path_info.

This is because PATH_INFO is what ever is left over after url => file name
mapping. If there's no real file, then apache removes the value, else
it removes the part that is a real file/directory.

If you want a virtual directory, make sure that there are no real directories of
the same name.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP