Hey ho

I have a simple configuration:

PerlModule Test::FH

SetHandler perl-script
PerlResponseHandler Test::FH

Now I go to the URL http://www.myhost.com/xyz/abc/qqq/123

Inside my code I want to get "/ggg/123" so I try

print "Request: " . $r->path_info . "\n";

This returns "/abc/ggg/123"
Now it always drops the top level "/xyz" - assumably because it is
effectively a file in the root directory.
One way to fix it is to create all the directories, but not too many.

Now what I really want is anything after what ever the location that
the handler is set in.

I can achieve this with a variable that sets the location, but that
seemed a little redundant.

Effectively I am creating a "virtual" location.

Is there a way I can configure or get the Location ?


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