On Jul 28, 2006, at 10:12 AM, Michael Peters wrote:

>> a lot of stuff i agree with here, and then

> The easiest solution is to just run 2 apaches. Configure pre-prod
> for a
> different port. You can even run them from the same apache binary,
> just give
> them different configs to start off.

i'll second that recommendation to run 2 apaches. I have some
outdated instructions here: http://dev.2xlp.com/trac/wiki/
FreeBsdApacheMultiServerSetupUsingStandardPorts -- should get you up
and running quicker than the online docs.

personally, i just clone the necessary conf stuff, run everything off
a dso

the manual copying stuff sounds crazy. why not just use cvs?

i run all of my code straight out of svn

my desktop runs local code on a production branch
my dev server runs the production branch that i commit to

when stuff looks good:

ssh dev_machine
svn cp /path/to/project http://svnserver/project/tags/

ssh production_machine
svn switch /path/to/project http://svnserver/project/tags/

nothing crazy going on. super simple to manage ( and it makes
clustering a breeze! )

// Jonathan Vanasco