> Acutally, I am already using Apache::SizeLimit. I just read in a few
> places that it's a good idea use both -- Apache::SizeLimit to catch
> normal growth and Apache::Resource for emergencies.

Ehhh... Don't think I've read that anywhere... I don't see how it could hurt though.

Which one is set a lower thresholds ? I'm guessing Apache-SizeLimit. What version of it are you using ?
Try 0.90 if you're not using it.

Also, you're not using anything that would keep the connection open - NetScalar or some kind of KeepAlive are you ?
A::SL will only run during the PerlCleanUp phase which might not actually be happening getting reached for you.

I know for a fact that A::SL works on RedHat AS3 and FC5 in the 1.x series of mp and apache.

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