Apologies for this being off-topic, but this is the best "perl resource"
I have.

I've been trying for the past 2 hours to get Frontier::Client working
(XML-RPC). I originally tried RPC::XML but that dude's documentation
was lacking some serious examples. So is F::C, but I found several
HOWTO's and finally pieced that one together.

I struggled over and over trying to get this client working. The PHP
client was so, so simple. The call takes 3 args: userID, pass, and an
array containing the course ID's to add you too.

my @addUser = ( 332, 'mypass', (22, 74, 98));

Didn't work. It exploded the inner array into more params for the main
array. I knew XMLRPC worked with array's and struct's but found no examples.

Finally stumbled onto this and tried it:

my @addUser = ( 332, 'mypass', [22, 74, 98]);

Amazingly, that worked. I've never seen this type of [ ] notation so I
tried it out:

my $test = [2, 4, 8];
print $test;

Oh? That's an array format. OK. Try this:

my @test = (2, 4, 8);
print @test;

??? Confused.

If anyone could please explain what I missed on the differences between
( ) array's and [ ] array's, I'd appreciate it.

And for cookie points, if anyone knows how to do a real struct in
XMLRPC, that would be awesome.