I'm quite excited to announce the first release of Apache::SizeLimit
independent of the mod_perl 1.x core. Thanks to Geoff Young, Perrin
Harkin, and Phil G for all their help with the work that went into making
this happen.

file: $CPAN/authors/id/D/DR/DROLSKY/Apache-SizeLimit-0.9.tar.gz
size: 18685 bytes
md5: 59765709981ac232712a270cf2646247

=item 0.9 2006-07-12

Copied from the mod_perl 1 core for an independent CPAN release.
[Philip M. Gollucci ]

Added support for using Linux::Smaps (on Linux only, obviously) to
get much more accurate shared memory numbers on 2.6.x kernels. Taken
from Apache2::SizeLimit.
[Dave Rolsky ]

Added support for using Linux::Pid to get the parent pid on
Linux. This fixes a long-standing bug that caused this module to never
actually kill a process when using Perl 5.8.1+ on Linux.
[Dave Rolsky ]

Added new OO methods for configuring the module,
C, C ,and
[Dave Rolsky ]

Added a new method, C.
[Dave Rolsky ]

Documentation for new API, as well as lots of general work on the
[Dave Rolsky ]

Much code refactoring.
[Dave Rolsky ]

Added many tests for both the new and deprecated APIs.
[Dave Rolsky ]

Deprecated use of globals and the existing C, C,
and C functions.
[Dave Rolsky ]

When calling C, C, and C,
only add Apache::SizeLimit as a cleanup handler once, not once for
each function call. Taken from Apache2::SizeLimit.
[Dave Rolsky ]

Fixed calculation of shared memory on BSD.
[Philip M. Gollucci ]

Removed support for OSX, because testing shows that BSD::Resource is
not working on that platform.
[Dave Rolsky ]


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