It's been several years since I did this (originally in apache 1.x)...
but when I upgraded to apache 2 it still worked.

Not sure where the documentation for this is...

In your httpd.conf file

$VirtualHost{""} =3D {
'ServerAdmin' =3D> '',
'DocumentRoot' =3D> '/home/web/public_html',
'ServerName' =3D> '',
'ServerAlias' =3D> [(',"")],
'ScriptAlias' =3D> [
'AliasMatch' =3D> [
'Alias' =3D> [
'ErrorLog' =3D> '/var/log/httpd/',
'CustomLog' =3D> '/var/log/httpd/ extracombined',

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Subject: mod_perl/httpd.conf/database

I'm looking for documentation on using mod_perl2 to configure apache.
I've read this page,
but I'm missing something because the virtualhost I configure doesn't
do anything. Before I start asking for specific help I'd like to find
the documents referenced on that page: eg/perl_sections.txt and

I think those would tell me what I need to know, but I can't find them.

Anyway, what I'm trying to do is simply configure virtual hosts with a
database. If someone can just provide an example I'd appreciate it...