On Sat, 17 Jun 2006, Perrin Harkins wrote:

> For the record, I'm thrilled to have Dave's help with this module. I
> was doing most of the work on it in the past, but have not been keeping
> up with it. I kind of lost my zeal for it when we discovered how wrong
> the copy-on-write sharing numbers were.

It looks like Apache2::SizeLimit fixes though, right? I think integrating
that work into Apache::SizeLimit is a good idea.

> Separating it out seems fine to me. I'd vote for simply dropping it from the
> mod_perl distribution if we do that, but if people want to keep it there, I'm
> okay with that too. Supporting both mod_perl APIs and sending patches to the
> dev list would be great if we plan to keep it in.

Supporting both APIs _and_ sending patches to the dev list seems
contradictory. If I made a version that supported both APIs, I wouldn't
expect that version to end up in a future mod_perl 1 or 2 release.

OTOH, if I just clean up Apache::SizeLimit and we leave Apache2::SizeLimit
alone then sending patches so it can be included in mod_perl 1.30+ makes

If you want to remove it from the distro that's fine with me too.

> I'll be off e-mail for a few days, but will check in on this when I get back.
> Maybe we can discuss in person if you guys will be at YAPC.

I will be there, but looks like Geoff won't be. Let's plan to chat about
this while we're there.


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