Geoffrey Young wrote:
> except that it is. so you're asking to change that. fine, but it needs
> to be decided on by the maintainers (mainly perrin) whether this
> separation is, in fact, a good thing, whether we want to pull in the
> CPAN version on future releases, or drop it and confuse our userbase who
> thought they would be getting an update on the next release, etc.

For the record, I'm thrilled to have Dave's help with this module. I
was doing most of the work on it in the past, but have not been keeping
up with it. I kind of lost my zeal for it when we discovered how wrong
the copy-on-write sharing numbers were.

Separating it out seems fine to me. I'd vote for simply dropping it
from the mod_perl distribution if we do that, but if people want to keep
it there, I'm okay with that too. Supporting both mod_perl APIs and
sending patches to the dev list would be great if we plan to keep it in.

I'll be off e-mail for a few days, but will check in on this when I get
back. Maybe we can discuss in person if you guys will be at YAPC.

- Perrin