Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
>> supported in a single release if Apache::SizeLimit does have a new,
>> separate life on CPAN...

> I'm not sure thats easily possibly with one module because its
> Apache::SizeLimit
> AND Apache2::SizeLimit.

so. it's just a namespace - Apache2::SizeLimit could simply be a thin
wrapper around Apache::SizeLimit, throwing a nice critical log message
to change to the real Apache::SizeLimit, please.

> If you put Apache::SizeLimit on CPAN which supported both, we'd probably
> have to remove the one
> from modperl2-svn and any existing modperl 2 installations would need to
> go back
> and change there httpd.conf/ to use it again.

there are ways around that that won't hurt so bad, like the above.

> By doing so, that would be directly the opposite of what our API rename
> readme said to do.

that's fine. _someone_ is going to have to change, be it mp1 or mp2
users if we roll this out to CPAN. or we will, by including a cpan pull
when we roll a release.

> I'd actually rather just see mod_perl1.30 get released. So what if the
> change set it small
> it should really only be bugfix/security anyway at this point. So what
> if 1.31 only has 1 change
> over 1.30. Isn't that how "maintenance" releases work best ?

I wasn't against a release. I was just saying there's a reason it
hasn't been released lately

> At least according to the docs Stas wrote, I think he was hoping
> Apache::GtopLimit would obsolete
> Apache(2)::SizeLimit once it ran on enough architectures.

well, first things first

look, if we release Apache::SizeLimit to cpan then we're essentially
giving up control of it in mod_perl core. that's fine, so long as we
let users know. but I'm bothered that we'd have something on CPAN that
is 99% the same between mp1 and mp2, leaving us core maintainers with
extra work keeping them in sync, which is much harder when one is
outside our control and in the CPAN wild.

let's just get them working together in the same distribution, put in on
cpan, and pull it into each mod_perl release as they happen...