> supported in a single release if Apache::SizeLimit does have a new,
> separate life on CPAN...

I'm not sure thats easily possibly with one module because its Apache::SizeLimit
AND Apache2::SizeLimit.

If you put Apache::SizeLimit on CPAN which supported both, we'd probably have to remove the one
from modperl2-svn and any existing modperl 2 installations would need to go back
and change there httpd.conf/startup.pl to use it again.

By doing so, that would be directly the opposite of what our API rename readme said to do.

I'd actually rather just see mod_perl1.30 get released. So what if the change set it small
it should really only be bugfix/security anyway at this point. So what if 1.31 only has 1 change
over 1.30. Isn't that how "maintenance" releases work best ?

At least according to the docs Stas wrote, I think he was hoping Apache::GtopLimit would obsolete
Apache(2)::SizeLimit once it ran on enough architectures.

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