>>> Are there any objections to me doing this?

>> uh, yeah. how about you submit the patch here and we incorporate it?
>> just uploading modules to CPAN that collide with the namespace of
>> existing modules that are part of a distrubution isn't the way things
>> typically work. I mean, you wouldn't ask this of p5p for a module like,
>> say, Storable, would you?

> Yes, I would. In fact, Storable _is_ on CPAN separate from the Perl core
> _right now_, and has been for a really long time. It's called
> "dual-lifing" a module in p5p-speak.

yeah, I know all about those. I just chose a poor example. pick any
non-dual one you like, the principle is the same.

> But I wasn't saying "I'm going to release it, screw you."

sure sounded that way, but ok.

> I was saying
> "I'd like to release a bug-fixed version, because I have no idea when
> mod_perl 1.30 will come out, if ever, but I can fix this bug and release
> Apache::SizeLimit 0.04 right now."

still, you think that would fly on p5p? the change list on mp1 is very
small, which is why there hasn't been a release in a while. and you're
certainly capable of posting a patch and using CVS instead of
maintaining a separate fork.

> There's no good reason for Apache::SizeLimit to only be available as
> part of the whole big mod_perl bundle.

except that it is. so you're asking to change that. fine, but it needs
to be decided on by the maintainers (mainly perrin) whether this
separation is, in fact, a good thing, whether we want to pull in the
CPAN version on future releases, or drop it and confuse our userbase who
thought they would be getting an update on the next release, etc.

> It's basically "just another
> handler" like many other modules and CPAN, and having it be possible to
> update it separately from mod_perl is a _good_ thing.


> It de-couples two
> things which are only coupled for historical reasons.

sure. but like I said, it's just a bit more complex when you consider
what this will mean for users and the complexity of future mod_perl

so, to that end, I'd suggest starting up a "hey, what do we do with
Apache::SizeLimit and other modules that might benefit from a separate
life on CPAN?" personally, it doesn't matter to me what the outcome is
so long as the main people responsible for managing releases agree. one
thing for sure, though, I'd really prefer to see both mp1 and mp2
supported in a single release if Apache::SizeLimit does have a new,
separate life on CPAN...