Sorry for the top reply. I think this has become off
topic as I tested a separate Windows/IIS server and
still have the same problem where certain clients POST
forms are timing out. I can conclude it is not an
Apache/MP problem.

I did have the client test his machine by submitting a
file to another site, and it worked for them. So, the
problem does seem to still be at my end. Possibly a
networking problem (DLink DI-704UP router, MTU
settings, ISP blocking ???).

I did run a network trace using Ethereal. I found the
client's proxy was converting the POST data to
HTTP/1.0 (without the proxy I think I saw the same
client as HTTP/1.1). The client or proxy was chunking
the data, but I never received the first POST data
packet, only the second (of two).

My next step is to re-write the CGI form so data can
be submitted in small portions. Also, I guess I'll
have to buy another router to test that possibility.

Thanks for the feed-back. If anyone still has any
suggestions or experience with this, I'd love to hear

Regards, Tom

--- Thomas Hilbig wrote:

> I recently updated my Linux/Apache/MP2 environment,
> in
> part hoping to resolve a problem that occurs with
> about 10% of my clients. These clients experience a
> timeout from my server when they submit a form using
> POST having more than about 15KB of data (from httpd
> access_log -- the actual posted data may be much
> less
> than this). I think it is related to their
> proxy/firewall as the same computers/users do not
> have
> the problem when they connect directly to the
> Internet
> (i.e. dial up) to access the same form pages.
> I can replicate the problem using a very basic CGI
> form. It uses and is hanging on the line "my
> $q = new CGI;" when the POSTed data exceeds the 15KB
> threshold from these clients.
> The httpd access_log shows an error 500, and the
> httpd
> error_log shows the following,
> [Wed May 17 20:17:47 2006] [error]
> Apache2::RequestIO::read: (70007) The timeout
> specified has expired at (eval 178) line 5
> Even if the problem is originating with these
> clients'
> proxy/firewall, it should never result the
> timeout/hanging of the Does anyone have a
> suggestion on how to trace this or trouble-shoot it
> further?
> Apache/httpd 2.2.2
> Mod_Perl 2.0.2 (problem occurs with/without
> mod_perl)
> 3.20
> Apache2::RequestIO 2.000002
> Linux FC3: 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3smp
> Perl 5.8.5
> Client: IE6
> One client's proxy sets environment variable
> Symantec_Web_Security
> ("
> Any suggestions/experience would be greatly
> appreciated,
> Tom
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