To whom it may concern

Spine 1.2 beta (Baldrick) was released on 2 june 2006.

This beta release adds support for i18n of the admininstration
section, support for mod_perl2, support for postgresql. It also adds 4
new styles and fixes a number of bugs.
This means that
* Each user can manage their site in their own language
* Spine will run fine on both mod_perl 1 and mod_perl 2
* Spine will run fine on mysql and postgresql
* 4 new styles are available (in addition to the existing ones, ofcourse).

So what's the catch?
* The i18n support is not available to the user yet (unless you
decide to delve into the database and flip some switches). The GUI
front end that allows users to choose their language hasn't been added
yet. The stable version will have this feature.. plus it will have
initial support for english, dutch and norwegian. It might also
provide a basic GUI to define your own language.
* The documentation of the new features still has to be written.
Documentation on the existing features is not 100% up to date.

So what's expected in the stable release of 1.2?
* Support for 3 languages (EN, NL, NO) in the administration section.
Per user language configuration.
* Complete documentation on usage of the new and existing features.
* Extra styles
* A number of bug fixes (as always)

Spine is a webbased Content Management System, implemented in Perl and
released under the GPL (GNU Public License). It requires a Unix
flavoured webserver, a database (postgresql or mysql), an Apache
(version 1 or 2) installation and mod_perl (version 1 or 2). It
features mixed static/dynamic content, separated template and content
administration, granular privileges, userfriendly URLs, plugins, ...
See the ChangeLog on

Spine can be downloaded from Sourceforge at . The Spine
site is located at The Sourceforge Project page
is at

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Hendrik Van Belleghem