On Wed, 2006-05-17 at 09:06 -0700, Thomas Hilbig wrote:
> If I try to run the
> environment under Mod_Perl (PerlResponseHandler
> ModPerl::Registry), the httpd process consumes all CPU
> and all memory when I visit the first CGI page that
> uses DBI.

> The same problem occurs if I change my DBI connect to
> use a database on the other (production) system.
> I am also using Apache:BI with a startup.pl script.
> I don't see any Oracle connections established after
> httpd startup, but the CPU/memory usage is normal and
> I don't have any errors.

How is that "the same problem"? Did you mean that the problem goes away
when you connect to the other system's database?

> The only
> difference is (from some previous act of desparation)
> I set the permissions on the production server to
> all=rx for whole ORACLE_HOME tree. I am running the
> httpd server as "Group dba" (same as my oracle files)
> to test if it is a permissions problem.

It certainly sounds like a permissions problem. Try becoming the user
who you run the httpd as and see if you can access the .so file it

- Perrin